Trevor Cole

Trevor Cole. Lover of Fish and Chips and Artistic Endeavours, mainly land
and seascape painting.

I loved art as a kid, like hand painting with bright colours, splashing paint
willy nilly, slapping and tickling hands over white paper. I even graduated
to paint by numbers but math was not my strong suit as I always wanted
to add different colours to numbers and paint outside the lines.

Studying and work then got in the way of painting. Mind you, when
training to be a teacher I did sneak in a few art courses to add some
colour to my undergrad course load, no pun intended 😉

But all work and no play makes Jack (in this case Trevor) a dull boy. So, I
bought some basic painting books for tips. I also went off and explored
the world of two full time artists, John Blockley in the UK and Valfred
Thelin in eastern USA. It is amazing what you can learn from experts in the

What I learned was to set up my own studio. I could then paint whenever I
had time and energy. Because of this my painting progressed and I was
able to guilt my friends into buying paintings. This inspired me to have
shows; now I have collectors in Canada, US, Japan, Germany, New
Zealand and Australia. Who would have thought 😉

I could describe some esoteric explanation of my painting method.
However, for me it is about slurping paint onto my paint tray and using
messy brushes to creating paintings on art board or canvas.
Images for my paintings come from the rich tapestry of travel, costal areas
of Canada, photos and memories

Now I can paint whenever I like as a retiree. I live in paradise in the coastal
town of Campbell River BC. Come and visit, I might even invite you for
Fish and Chips.

Instagram: @trevorcoleart



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