Penfield Elementary, Grade 2

January 13 – March 20

Satellite Gallery

An exploration of line and colour by Campbell River’s Penfield Elementary School’s Grade 2 artists in Ms. Derouin’s class.

with bread

Derya Akay

March 31 – May 17 

Main Gallery

Exhibition Statement

Derya Akay (b, 1988, Turkey) is an artist living in Vancouver. He received the 2016 Portfolio Prize Emerging Artist Award in Vancouver. Recent solo exhibitions include Campbell River Art Gallery, 2017; Pumice, Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles, California, 2017; Painting with Light, Kunstverein Toronto, 2015; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Supper, Centre A, Vancouver, 2014. Group exhibitions include Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, 2017; Unit 17, Vancouver, 2017; Ambivalent Pleasures, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2016; The Gardener Museum, Toronto, 2015; Geometry of Knowing Part I, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, 2015. He has an upcoming residency with the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver titled Mantı, Börek, Baklava where Akay will collaborate and collect knowledge about foraging, shopping and cooking from elder women in the region that have all come from an immigrant background.

My practice is driven by a curiosity of how things are made. From flowers to food to furniture, it explores the means of production of non-art objects and how these processes find confluence with my own art-making practice. My research is always a process of education where I learn the skills necessary to make the objects that interest me. The acquisition of these skills begins to inform my art making. Ways of building, growing, and cooking, become translated in my work into gesture, composition, and form. In this way, the production of non-art objects becomes the work itself. These works include textiles, still lifes, ceramics, photographs, furniture and gardens. My ceramics reflect my interest in the meaning and experience of a meal that I have grown, cooked, and served to the community that surrounds me. In this manner, I engage with questions of self-sufficiency, self-reliance, community, cultivation and process. To look at these from another perspective, I am interested in the intersections, parallels and tangents between life, art and work.” – Derya Akay

Stone Portraits

Catherine Martha Holmes

31 March – 17 May 2017

Discovery Gallery

“My daily Stone Portrait paintings of 2017 are an extension of my series ‘I Navigate by You,’ of 239 paintings completed after the death of my Dad, a Master Mariner in 2015. Where that work, honoured people connected to my life, their names hidden beneath the paint, these new paintings are often influenced by current events Worldwide. This work in progress can be followed on Instagram: @catherinemarthaholmes” – Catherine Martha Holmes


Emily Hill featuring Feminist Land Art Retreat

June 2 – July 12

Main Gallery

Exhibition Statement

Looks presents an installation of dyed rug paintings by Emily Hill in combination with a film by the artist duo Feminist Land Art Retreat.      

Hill’s rug works are made with pre-existing wool shag that she pours and smears dye on while they are horizontal on the floor. The resulting marks and traces infer the absent body that made them. These gestural textile pieces intercept parallel material histories of performance, fabric and painting.

Screened for the first time in Canada, Feminist Land Art Retreat’s film Heavy Flow features a woman’s monologue over a montage of moving images of volcanic lava. As a non-cohesive soundtrack it posits a situational environment for Hill’s dye-drenched rug paintings, and conjures a range of references to film, land art and self-help literature.

In a special event performance as Vapours, the artists will be presenting an opening act for Looks at Big Rock, the landmark boulder south of Campbell River Art Gallery. Vapours experiments with an embodied history of performance and ritual, presenting bodies in the landscape. This performance will announce the exhibition to the public, with its first act occurring outside of the institution. Additional performances will take place during the opening reception.

A text by Amy Kazymerchyk was released in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition and is available in print and online .

Supported by: Canada Council for the Arts

Sponsored by: Denise Mitchell Interiors


Sharona Franklin

June 2 – July 12

Discovery Gallery

Sharona Franklin is an emerging artist, writer and graphic designer. She is currently attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design and The University of British Columbia. Recent solo exhibitions include; This Bod is Rental, Sweetpup, Vancouver; Thuddberries Berlin as part of a studio residency. She recently published a book of poetry; Rental Bod with Publication Studios 2016.

Hot Dog Car Wash

Maya Beaudry, Lucien Durey, Katie Kozak, Chandra Melting Tallow, Alicia Nauta, Corie Waugh, Amy Wong, and Hoda Zarbaf

July 28 – September 13

Main Gallery

Hot Dog Car Wash presented the work of artists from a wide variety of locales – from Quadra Island to Vancouver, Toronto, Tehran and Creighton, Saskatchewan. Hot Dog Car Wash explores the notion of a roadside attraction – a feature along the side of a road, meant to attract visitors. These are places one might stop on the way to somewhere else – rather than being a destination.


Leah Decter

September 29 – November 8

Main Gallery

Leah Decter’s work focuses on the history and contemporary conditions of settler colonialism and systems of white dominance in Canada, through a critical white settler lens. Decter is a Winnipeg-based artist who has presented and exhibited her work across Canada and internationally. To read “In the wake: unsettling settler colonialism”, by Carla Taunton, PhD, click on this link: In the wake by Carla Taunton

Recent Kayak Sketches

Mark Igloliorte

September 29 – November 8

Discovery Gallery

The Campbell River Art Gallery is delighted to present Recent Kayak Sketches by artist Mark Igloliorte, in the Satellite Cases, located in the Gallery lobby. Igloliorte is an Inuk artist, originally from Nunatsiavut Labrador, whose work focuses on painting and drawing. 

We acknowledge the generous support of: the City of Campbell River, BC Arts Council, and the Province of British Columbia.  

The artist wishes to acknowledge the generous support of: The Winnipeg Arts Council with funding from the City of Winnpeg; SSRHC Insight Grant, Crossing Canada, Crossing Media, Performing the Land We Are; Landmarks 2017; Video Pool Media Arts Fund

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