Alana Bartol doing a site specific coal chute rubbing, Grassy Mountain Coal Project. Photo courtesy of blkarts.ca

Artist Alana Bartol exhibits a body of work contemplating the impacts and longevity of mining practices in Campbell River and the Strathcona region.

Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature is a multi-part project by artist Alana Bartol that
engages the past, present and possible future of coal mining in the areas of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta and
North Vancouver Island – specifically focussing on the site of the Quinsam Coal Mine. Originally
conceived to investigate coal mining in what is now known as Alberta, Bartol has expanded the project to
examine mining practices and their environmental consequences on operations near Campbell River,
BC. Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature examines the impacts of coal mining on wildlife,
watersheds, ecosystems, and plants. The site-responsive artworks include drawing, video, sculpture,
participatory art, and installation.

This multi-part project was extended to Vancouver Island in the summer of 2023 with a research and
land-based residency. Traditional Knowledge Keepers Cory Cliffe (Wei Wai Kum First Nation) and
Vanessa Sharkey (Swampy Cree First Nation) have generously shared teachings about Indigenous
plants and their properties.

‘’In a time of climate and ecological crisis, when we have choices to make about protecting wildlife, lands and watersheds, how can we envision and help secure a future for this place where the coal stays inside the earth? How do we imagine ways forward that are not predicated on the continued destruction of the environment rooted in resource extraction and ongoing settler colonial violence? How can art play a role in this process?’’

-Alana Bartol

Processes of Remediation explores these questions of environmental restoration through exhibition
programming that focuses on land based practices and histories. This will include a Botanical Drawing
Series in partnership with The Cumberland Museum and Archives, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers Cliffe
and Sharkey as well as Greenways Land Trust. Other programs include: Milk Drawing workshop with
Bartol, Film Nights, Greenways Land Trust lead invasive species removal and native plant salve making
(Forest Heart Botanicals).

The Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, March 23rd at 3pm at the Campbell River Art Gallery
with Bartol presenting a tour of their work. The public is invited to enjoy some refreshments, appetizers
and get a first chance to see the exhibition.