The October 12 Council meeting led to some hopeful results. The not-for-profit sector at large received their full Permissive Tax Exemptions, which we know was a relief for many. 

The Campbell River Art Gallery did not receive a Permissive Tax Exemption. 

Watch the video of the October 12 council meeting here (the Permissive Tax Exemption discussion begins at 1h23m): https://video.isilive.ca/campbell/2023-09-28.mp4.html

However, Council committed to working with the Art Gallery on a productive solution and path forward, which could see the 2024 property taxes funded through Council Contingency. 

There were some good conversations with a few city officials leading up to the meeting, including with some Hereditary leaders of the We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum First Nations. We also appreciated the Council’s interest in allowing us to present. Our Board and staff have already met with the City since the October 12 meeting and remain eager to build upon our relationship. 

We also recognize the City of Campbell River’s financial contributions to the organization, through the in-kind lease and maintenance of our spaces, as well as core operating funding through the Community Grant-in-aid. In addition to the PTE, these contributions make up approximately 23% of our budget ($148,000) and are essential for us to leverage other funding streams. We appreciate that the City recognizes that an investment in the Campbell River and District Public Art Gallery is an investment in our community; one with a multiplier effect. We are grateful for their support of the arts and culture. 

We look forward to working with the City and finding good solutions that benefit everyone in the community. 


Sara Lopez Assu, Executive Director 

Campbell River Art Gallery 

T: 250-287-2261 

E: director@crartgallery.ca