The two part exhibition How We Lead at the Campbell River Art Gallery seeks to break open the concept of leadership through Lucie Chan and Justin Langlois’s engaged and socially conscious art practices.

Each exhibition features youth engagement workshops that focus on collaboration, listening to youth, and integrating their contributions into the artwork on display. Featured workshops for part one of How We Lead: All the impactful gestures we attempt, will be facilitated by Lucie Chan and Jill Banting on July 25 and August 22, 2020. 

Within the overarching theme of how one leads, Chan has chosen the everyday wisdom gathered from protesters’ signs found while conducting online research. All the impactful gestures we attempt is on from July 20 through to November 25, 2020.

The text based artwork To Be Free: Everything You Most Hate and Fear, currently on exhibit, is a joint portrait, representative of personal and individual forms of communication that become public.Justin Langlois is an artist, educator, and organizer. He is curious about what art can do in everyday and civic life.

The Changeable Question Board will be on display, with shifting content, from September 25 to November 25, 2020. The question boards facilitate connections through asking questions. Community members will have the chance to reflect on different forms of societal leadership through acts of inquiry and reflect on the questions of other participants.